Solution Overview

Smart Scenic Spot Solution combines IoT, cloud computing and big data to create a perfect plan for building a highly intellectual scenic area. Improving the overall rating of management, publication and customer experience.

Smart Management

Based on the intelligent ticketing system, Smart Management provides ticketing solutions integrated with online ticketing, self-support checking and intelligent management. Meanwhile, it possessed with several functions such as financial statistics, data analysis and terminal management.

Smart Marketing

With the development of mobile Internet, Intelligent Marketing helps the scenic spot build Wechat official accounts and APP to set up mobile marketing platform. That is to say, the platform could get the visitors’ information actively and form data accumulation through information technologies. Using Cloud Computation and big data, we could understand the demand changes of the visitors. Then examine the tourism hit and the interesting point to make corresponding marketing themes.

Smart Service

Smart Service refers to the service throughout the travelling experience. Based on IoT, wireless technologies, it provides real-time scenic spot information and best travel route option. Meanwhile, offers functions like intelligent introduction of scenic spot, automatic guidance, interaction experience and so on, improving the service capacity and the tourist satisfaction of scenic spot.

Scenic Spot Benefit

  • Working efficiency is enhanced through self-service system. Human resources and operation cost can be greatly reduced
  • Visitor satisfaction rate are increased by the use of informatization service
  • Real-time monitoring on demand, and make precise decisions and manage
  • Achieve efficient and accurate marketing. Increase the earnings of scenic spot
  • Make full use of the characters of the new media. Attract the visitors to join in the spreading and marketing of scenic spot actively

Bank Benefit

  • It make business processes realize human-computer interaction to improve customers’ financial service experience. Those business processes include online account application, electronic contracting and money transfer.
  • It reduces operational cost of network while at the same time enhances operational efficiency by deploying different types of terminals.
  • It helps network transform from transaction settlement center to sales & service center. Bank staff can offer better business service which needs further communication and services involved in the security of accounts.
  • It provides terminal operation and maintenance platform, solving the terminal’s after-service management difficulties.
  • ?The popularization and application of self-service terminal, WeChat service number and APPs enhance the brand image of network in many ways.


Kiosk One-Stop Service

Kiosk Customization

Functions including online account application, invoice printing, K-Po and K-command distribution, cash withdraw, post-registering bankbook, issuing and retrieving checks, public utilities payment and credit card repayment.

Official account/APP Customization

It helps bank branch customize WeChat service number and mobile APPs, and realize functions such as Network queries, filling orders in advance, online marketing and news release.



Cloud Server Deployment

SZZT can help hospital establish private cloud, public cloud and public-private cloud locally or in one of SZZT’s four IDC data centers (Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha).


TSP connected core banking systems, third-party business system and WeChat, supports the deployment of different kinds of self-service terminal and integration of different kinds of businesses and has the functions of remote operation and maintenance management for terminals, transaction monitoring, news distribution (by WeChat, SMS, E-mail and APP), statistics report, and application management to provide customers with all-round value-added services.



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